Free E-Learning Courses and Training For Humanitarians

Humanitarian Library

The Humanitarian Library has a new channel containing free e-learning courses and trainings in humanitarian contexts. It consists of 11 user-friendly collections, covering various humanitarian domains, including: Protection and IHL, CCCM, WASH, Food Security and Nutrition, Safety & Security and...

Learning Opportunities and Resources

The ICVA network Learning Opportunities and Resources page is a curated list of online and face-to-face (when available) learning and training programmes that would be useful for NGO colleagues from all sectors. The trainings are mostly from Kaya, DisasterReady and PHAP.

ICVA’s Humanitarian Learning Stream

ICVA's Humanitarian Learning Stream offers online learning sessions designed to enhance NGOs' understanding of the humanitarian sector. Each stream, spanning three to six months, consists of webinars, short videos, and briefing papers, tailored to address the challenges and opportunities encountered...